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my pictures from some concerts in berlin:
(i still have more, loads of - but hardly find the time to post them here; there's always the next concert right around the corner)

2008  Neil Young (Leipzig Arena)    Jaimi Faulkner   Neil Young at Berlinale Film-Festival  
Mary Epworth & The Jubilee Band      Michael J. Sheehy & the Hired Mourners

2007  Vic Chesnutt & Band    Lucinda Williams   Terry Lee Hale & Figerbones   
Eric Taylor & Mathias Schneider   Geoff Muldaur / Joe Boyd  
Willard Grant Conspiracy    Doghouse Roses    Jim White     Rachelle van Zanten    Herrn Stumpfes Zieh & Zupf-Kapelle  
Mick Hart  
Innes Sibun    MARWELL   MayDay2007   HAYSEED DIXIE  Terry Lee Hale & Fingerbones    Laura Veirs & the Saltbreakers  
Your Heart Breaks   
Eleni Mandell     11th Dream Day     Dan Bern   Chris & Carla    Mitch Ryder & Engerling   
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios  Early Day Miners   TER HAAR  
2006 TRANSMISSIONARY 6  IMPERIAL CROWNS   DOWNPILOT  HAYSEED DIXIE   Chris Spedding & Band  Mitch Ryder & Engerling
2005  PRETTY THINGS    Crazy World of Arthur Brown    ENGERLING   Jackie Leven & the Small World Orchestra   Richard Thomson   Derek Trucks Band 
GOVTV´T MULE - (cologne)   Ringsgwandl    WIR SIND HELDEN    Crosby, Stills & Nash - (bonn)    Geoff Muldaur     GOV´T MULE - (hamburg)    Crosby & Nash  
Mitch Ryder & Engerling    WISHBONE ASH     Eleni Mandell
2004   Jim White & Band    STOCKHOLM SYNDROME  FEHLFARBEN   WIR SIND HELDEN    Jackie Leven   WEEN    David Bowie    
2003   Elvis  Costello & Steve Nieve   Bob Dylan    Kevin Coyne    Lucinda Williams     Steve Earle & the Dukes    CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN
Neil Young - (Berlin & Frankfurt & Rust-Fest  and more)    Mark Olson & Victoria Williams & the OHRDD    Richard Thompson
Jackie Leven      MIDNIGHT CHOIR
2002   Berlin Cow-Punks     Ryan Adams   David Bowie    Van Morrison   Bob Dylan

my first "official" recording.
Your Heart Breaks really liked my recording of their 2007 Berlin show. So they decided to release it as an official CD.
Maybe you like it too.

You can check it out here:  
your heart breaks - live in berlin (@ cafe zapata april, 22nd 2007)

and btw. :
I recently started to explore the "my-space" world

why not listen to some live music while you are here?
here are some songs from wonderful artists  i´ve recorded
at my favourite place here in berlin, the


(if you klick the logo, you'll be right there!)

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i cant´t say it enough: go out and support live music!

my pictures from concerts and gatherings outside of berlin:
OBS_11 2007: Orange Blossom Special Festival Beverungen   rockpalast 2007: GOV´T MULE-HAYSEED DIXIE-GOLDEN EARRING etc.

 2006_camp 2006: Neil Young Camp/Egelsbach    BirthDayCake 2005: NYAS Rustfest London * Neil´s 60th Birthday Party 

 2005rustfest 2005: 9th annual German-Rust-Ring Fest     lieberose 2004: Neil Young Camp /Lieberose   

   london 2003: NYAS Convention & RustFest London     

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